Dr. Price-Linnartz sometimes puts her four degrees to use in teaching, researching, and writing. Her areas of doctoral-level expertise include theology + ethics + the arts.

Her latest essay “The White Savior as Diseased Creation” (in The Art of New Creation, 2022) critiques the theological underpinnings of the “white savior” figure of popular film.

Wesleyan theology for the arts

” Warming Hearts and Moving Minds: A Wesleyan Contribution to Theology and the Arts.” In ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies 31.1 (Fall 2019): 11-25.

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What does a distinctively Wesleyan theology offer the growing field of “theology and the arts”? This essay looks both to the Wesley brothers and to recent Wesleyan scholars to offer a Wesleyan appreciation of emotion, including emotion’s relationship to art and its essential role in the holistic life of faith.

T. F. Torrance & John Wesley in conversation

“John Wesley and T. F. Torrance on Pneumatology, Theosis, and a Breath of Life for Dying Denominations.” In Participatio Supplemental Volume 4: “Torrance and the Wesleyan Tradition” (2018): 83-111.

Although John Wesley and Thomas F. Torrance are rarely put into conversation, they both develop creative theologies of theosis (“divinization” as “becoming human”). These theologies have much to offer Christians in declining Wesleyan and Reformed communities. 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on polyphony and Christian social ethics (NCRSA award)

“Bonhoeffer’s Musical Metaphor of the Christian Life.” In Word & World 35.4, (Fall 2015): 386-394.

A founding figure of Germany’s anti-Nazi Confessing Church and murdered alongside millions for his commitments, Bonhoeffer offers a theology that’s strikingly relevant in today’s sociopolitical climate. His metaphor of polyphony with a cantus firmus sonically illustrates his ideas about individual and communal flourishing, serving as an indictment and encouragement for Christians to allow the love of God–and nothing else–to dictate how they relate to others. 2013 NCRSA student presentation award winner.