by Jacquelynn Price-Linnartz & J.P. Linnartz

Thumbnail of cover for 2018 YOUNG EXPLORER'S ADVENTURE GUIDE anthology. Shows sci-fi artwork of girl or child with long hair sitting with a backpack on a cliff overlooking a sci-fi landscape of arching land formations with city-buildings on their flat, high-up ends.

Check here for select fiction, her other true love.

(Her WIP is preparing for launch!)


by Jacquelynn Price-Linnartz

Her degrees include a ThD, ThM, MTS, and BS, all from Duke University. Nerd alert. Check here to see how she’s engaging academia – including her shiny new chapter on the White Savior in blockbuster fim.

Coloring Books

by Jacki Price

Thumbnail of cover image for a PANDEMIC HEROES COLORING BOOK: HOW WE FIGHT THE CORONAVIRUS TOGETHER by Jacki Price. Shows cartoon anthropomorphized animals fighting a huge image of a coranvirus molecule with things like vaccine syringes, research equipment, soap, and books.

J. P. loves drawing too much and shares that excess in her coloring books.

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