Two helmet-wearing astronauts hanging out together.

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Time dilation means space-farers shouldn’t care for anyone. But when her wingman flees from authorities, cocky and repressed Cutter must capture him to clear her name. Even if he stole her heart…and an Earth-Age artifact their employer will kill for.

Author graphic art process, just for fun:


by JP Linnartz

Thumbnail of cover for 2018 YOUNG EXPLORER'S ADVENTURE GUIDE anthology. Shows sci-fi artwork of girl or child with long hair sitting with a backpack on a cliff overlooking a sci-fi landscape of arching land formations with city-buildings on their flat, high-up ends.

Check here for select fiction, her other true love.

(Her WIP is preparing for launch!)


by Jacquelynn Price-Linnartz

Her degrees include a ThD, ThM, MTS, and BS, all from Duke. Nerd alert. Check here to see how she’s engaging academia – including her shiny new chapter on the White Savior in blockbuster fim.

Coloring Books

by Jacki Price

Thumbnail of cover image for a PANDEMIC HEROES COLORING BOOK: HOW WE FIGHT THE CORONAVIRUS TOGETHER by Jacki Price. Shows cartoon anthropomorphized animals fighting a huge image of a coranvirus molecule with things like vaccine syringes, research equipment, soap, and books.

JP loves drawing too much and shares that excess in her coloring books.

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